OMEGA GUARD [Benefits of Fish Oil. ^^]

I would like to share some information about Omega 3 a.k.a Fish Oil ( DHA, EPA).

- Fish oils benefit women with diabetes
- Fish oil supplementation is safe for diabetics
- Fish oils and fiber benefit diabetics
- Fish oils recommended for diabetes and hypertension
- Fish oil supplementation recommended for type II diabetics
- Fish oil benefits children with bronchial asthma
- Fish oils help asthma patients
- Fish oils improve lung function in asthma patients
- Fish oil accelerates immune system maturation in infants
- DHA fortifies breast milk
- DHA helps brain development
- improves visual acuity in term infants
- Fish oils improve IQ in children
- Fish oil supplements help prevent menstrual cramps
- Fish oils reduce exercise-induced muscle damage
- Fish oils for neck and back pain
- Fish oils (EPA) speed up healing of ligament injuries
- Fish oil may benefit autistic children
- Fish oils benefit cystic fibrosis patients
- DHA helps prevent heart disease in children
- Fish and olive oils prevent migraines in adolescents

dari medical research website

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